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Volume 38 –  2018

Washington Report on the Hemisphere Volume 38 Issue 7


China’s Encroachment in Latin America: An Economic Analysis  – by Dominic Ferrara


Powerful Farm Lobbies Delay EU‑ MERCOSUR Trade Deal – by Ben Tannenbaum


Cuba After the Castro Era –  by Jim Baer


Washington Report on the Hemisphere Volume 38 Issues 5 & 6


Open Letter in Support on Media in Venezuela, Not Sanctions


Behind the Throne: Colombian Elections Strengthen ex-President’s Power – By Ben Tannenbaum

Military Intervention in Rio – By Alexandra Gale


Interview with Maria José Libertino – By Eugenia Rosales Matienzo


Washington Report on the Hemisphere Volume 38 Issue 4


High Expectations for California’s New Marijuana Policy – By Alexandra Gale
Referenda: The Back and Forth of Ecuadorian Politics – By Jehivian A. Hernandez
Same-Sex Marriage Repeal in Bermuda – By Olivia Anderson





Washington Report on the Hemisphere Volume 38 Issue 3


Costa Rica 2018: The Rise of Fabricio Alvarado – By Olivia Anderson

The State Department’s Inconsistent Response to Undemocratic Proliferation in Latin America – By Alexandra Gale
Grenada at a Crossroads – By Ben Tannenbaum


Washington Report on the Hemisphere Volume 38 Issue 1 & 2


Violence and the 2018 Local and State Elections: Mexico’s Fragile Security Situation – By Bjorn T. Kjelstad

Who to Watch in the 2018 Brazilian Election – By Alexandra Gale
The Termination of Temporary Protected Status for El Salvador – By Jasmin G. Chicas
Peru in the Wake of Fujimori’s Pardon – By Katherine Lenahan


Volume 37 –  2017

Washington Report on the Hemisphere Volume 37 Issue 20

Infrastructure and Megaprojects in Latin America – By Gavin Allman

The Cuban Legacy in Africa – By R.O. Niederstrasser

Country Brief: Mexico – Eleven Years Seeking Justice: Women of Atenco vs the Mexican State at the Inter-American Court of Human Rights – By Maria Rodriguez-Dominguez

Country Brief: Argentina –Argentina’s Missing Submarine and the Specter of Praetorianism – By Jack Memolo



Washington Report on the Hemisphere Volume 37 Issue 19


Marichuy and Mexican Leftist Indigenous Politics – By Jordie Conde

Indigenous Brazilians Massacred on the “Uncontacted Frontier” – By Madeline Asta

Country Brief: Ecuador – State-owned Media Failure in Ecuador – By Tomas Bayas

Country Brief: Argentina – Argentina’s Midterm Elections – By Jack Memolo

Country Brief: Bolivia – Bolivia’s Continued Fight for Coastal Access – By Kristina Duran



Washington Report on the Hemisphere Volume 37 Issue 18


“Industrialized” Methamphetamine Production in Mexico – By Jack Memolo 

Capitalism vs Climate in Chile – By Kristina Duran

Country Brief: Chile – Upcoming Elections in Chile – By Kristina Duran 

Country Brief: Paraguay – A Rising Guerilla Movement in the Northern Plains – By Bjorn T. Kjelstad 

Country Brief: El Salvador – Homicides Surge in September – By Gavin Allman 




Washington Report on the Hemisphere Volume 37 Issue 17


The Frente Ciudadano por México and the Possible Benefits for MORENA – By Bjorn T. Kjelstad 

The Balance of Power in Latin America in the 21st Century – By Maria Alejandra Silva

Country Brief: Mexico – AMLO, MORENA, and the 2018 Mexican Elections – By Arianna La Marca

Country Brief: Honduras – Candidate Profile for November Elections – By Gavin Allman 




Washington Report on the Hemisphere Volume 37 Double Issue 15 & 16

Successes and Failures of Gender Quotas: Lessons from Latin America – By Arianna La Marca

Do Deportations Really Put “America First“? – By Louis Epstein

The Future of Electronic Currency in Ecuador – By Tomas Bayas

Beyond Venezuela: Cuba Continues to Seek Foreign Investment to Break Economic Interdependence – By R.O. Niederstrasser

Country Brief: Argentina – Where is Santiago Maldonado – By Eugenia Rosales Matienzo

Country Brief: Colombia – Pope Brings Hope to Post-FARC Colombia? – By Maria Alejandra Silva Ortega

Country Brief: Panama – Battles with Espionage and Embezzlement Continue – By Maria Rodriguez-Dominguez

Washington Report on the Hemisphere Volume 37 Issue 14

The Belize-Guatemala Border: History and Dispute – By Paxton Duff 

Labor & Tax Reform in Costa Rican ’18 Election – By Madeline Asta

Odebrecht Scandal Threatens Peruvian Infrastructure – By Liam Timmons

Country Brief: Uruguay – Banks in Uruguay Say Nope to Dope – By Jack Pannell

Country Brief: Northern Triangle – IDB Pledges Aid to Northern Triangle – By Liam Timmons 




Washington Report on the Hemisphere Volume 37 Issue 13


Narcotics Trafficking in Central America – By Felipe Galvis-Delgado

OECD – BEPS Addressing, Preventing, and Eliminating Tax Avoidance in Latin America and the Caribbean – By Sheldon Birkett

Country Brief: Honduras and Guatemala – Customs – By Martina Guglielmone

Country Brief: Panama – Odebrecht Corruption in Panama – By Sheldon Birkett

Country Brief: Argentina – Upcoming Elections – By Jack Pannell




Washington Report on the Hemisphere Volume 37 Issue 12

The Incident at Ahuas: A Case Study into the DEA’s Detrimental Role in Latin America – By Alex Rawley

Continued OPEC Cuts Unlikely to Raise Prices of Venezuelan Oil – By Jack Pannell

Colombia to Send Military Troops to Afghanistan: Will this Hinder or Help the Peace Process – By Emma Pachon and Clément Doleac

Country Brief: Paraguay – Paraguay Paying Lip Service to Press Freedoms – By Liam Timmons

Country Brief: Chile – Anti-immigration Rhetoric in the Chilean 2017 Presidential Campaign – By Tobias Fontecilla



Washington Report on the Hemisphere Volume 37 Double Issue 10 & 11

Dominica: A Bureaucratic Predicament – By Sheldon Birkett

The Trump Administration Will End Temporary Protected Status for 59,000 Haitian Immigrants – By Sharri K Hall

The Impact of Remittances and Increasing Trade with Cuba – By Alexia Rauen

Country Brief: Chile – Customs Strike Disrupts Chilean Shipping Industry – By Liam Timmons

Country Brief: Puerto Rico – Statehood and Bankruptcy: The Puerto Rican Conundrum – By Tobias Fontecilla

Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in the Dominican Republic – By Myra Miranda

Country Brief: Peru – Former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori to Face Trial for Forgotten Massacre – By Erika Quinteros

Sexual and Gender-Based Violence and Migration in Central America – By Laura Schroeder

Washington Report on the Hemisphere Volume 37 Issue 9


Guyana, Caution Oil – By Kayla Whitlock

Combatting Coca Cultivation in Colombia – By Emma Pachon

The Damaging Effects of Costa Rican False Rising Crime Narrative on Nicaraguan Immigrants – By Alexander Rawley

Country Brief: Jamaica – Flooding Disrupts Life for Jamaicans – By Sharri K Hall




Washington Report on the Hemisphere Volume 37 Double Issue 7 & 8

Soliloquy on Political and Human Rights – By Igor Drumond

The Argentinean Neoliberal Specter: A Brief Analysis of President Macri’s Unsettling Economic Policies – By Tobias Fontecilla

The Current State of U.S.-Cuba Relations – By Haley Wiebel

Country Brief: Guatemala – Operation: Checkmate Leads to Arrest of Key leader of MS-13 – By Kate Terán

Country Brief: Mexico – Journalism in Mexico: A Fight for Survival – By Mariana Sanchez Ramirez

Country Brief: French Guiana – Turmoil in French Guiana – By Alex Rawley

Country Brief: Guatemala – Former Dictator Rios Montt will Face Second Trial – By Erika Quinteros

Washington Report on the Hemisphere Volume 37 Issue 6


Is Statehood the Saving Grace Puerto Rico Needs? – By Kayla Whitlock

Puerto Rico’s Ongoing Battle Against Zika: A Plea for Washington’s Attention – By Taylor Lewis and Walter Shaw

Indigenous Nicaragua’s Fight for Survival – By Kate Terán

Country Brief: Peru– Peru Floods Bring Misfortune and Calls for Reform – By Taylor Lewis




Washington Report on the Hemisphere Volume 37 Double Issue 4 & 5

“Catch and Release” in a Troubled System – By Mitch Rogers

Trump Administration Short on Interest in Latin America – By Jim Baer

Macri in Contrast with Argentina’s Long Pro-Immigration History – By Brandon Capece

United States Places Sanctions on Venezuelan Vice-President Tareck El Aissami, Controversy Follows – By Taylor Lewis

Country Brief: Bolivia – Más MAS for Bolivia? – By Kate Terán

Country Brief: Paraguay – Paraguayan Classrooms Continue to Crumble Amidst Education Reform – By Mariana Sanchez Ramirez

Country Brief: Peru – PPK Visits Washington: Peruvian President Becomes Latin America’s First Leader to Sit Down with Donald Trump – By Jordan Bazak

Country Brief: Colombia – Colombian Refugees and the FARC Peace Process – By Alex Rawley

Washington Report on the Hemisphere Volume 37 Double Issue 2 & 3

Cooperation: Colombia’s Solution to the Pitfalls of Contract Farming – By Joseph Green

Mexico’s Role & the Re-imagining of NAFTA: A Tricky Window of Opportunity – By Mariana Sánchez Ramírez

Country Brief: Peru – WANTED: Embroiled in Corruption and Other Scandals, Former Peruvian President, Alejandro Toledo, Denies Accusations of Wrongdoing – By Erika Quinteros

Country Brief: Haiti – Jovenel Moïse Set to be Haiti’s New President – By Kayla Whitlock

Country Brief: Brazil – Chaos in Espírito Santo as Cities Are Left Without Police – By Mitch Rogers

Country Brief: Colombia – Murders of Community Leaders Jeopardize Peace Agreements – By Erika Quinteros

Country Brief: Mexico – U.S.-Mexican Relations in President Trump’s First Weeks – By Taylor Lewis

Washington Report on the Hemisphere Volume 37 Issue 1

Personalist Populist and the Anti-establishment – By Kate Terán

Country Brief: Brazil – New Year’s Prison Massacre Initiates Pattern of Violence” – By Mitch Rogers

Country Brief: Cuba – Castro and Obama: One Last Dance – By Kate Terán

Country Brief: Mexico – ¡Gasolinazo! Mexicans Struck by Higher Gasoline Prices to Start the New Year – By Jordan Bazak

Country Brief: El Salvador – An Important Day in El Salvador’s Fight Against Crime – By Erika Quinteros

Country Brief: Brazil – After Plea Bargain, Brazil’s Odebrecht Giant Pays Up – By Mitch Rogers


Volume 36 –  2016

Washington Report on the Hemisphere Volume 36 Double Issue 20 & 21

The Passing of an Icon: Fidel Castro and the Latin American Left – By Erika Quinteros

The ‘Australian Solution’: The United States and Australia agree to swap refugees – By Sarah Faithful

Guyana’s Housing Crisis – By Peter Miraglia

Uruguay’s Wage War: Supermarket sector deadlocked over minimum pay – By Jordan Bazak

71 Dead in Plane Crash: Brazil mourns the loss of soccer club – By Malone Gabor

Haitian Elections: Despite international recognition, legitimacy concerns not yet put to rest –  By Alejandra Castillo

NotMyPrince: Prince Harry receives lukewarm welcome in Antigua and Barbuda – By Natalie Piri

Mr. Birns goes to Cuba: The COHA Director offers insights and observations upon returning from Havana – By Jordan Bazak

Washington Report on the Hemisphere Volume 36 Issue 19



Stuck in the Mud: Nicaragua’s Canal Project – By Sarah Faithful

Saving Argentina’s Glaciers: Macri folds in the face of big mining – By Jordan Bazak

Country Brief: Argentina – U.N. Investigates Femicide in Argentina – By Brandon Capece

Country Brief: Cuba – Facing Trump, Immigration from Cuba Surges – By Malone Gabor




Washington Report on the Hemisphere Volume 36 Issue 18

Brazilian Judge’s Ruling Breaks-up Student Protest – By Jordy Garcia

Uribe’s No Campaign Misrepresents Conflicts History – By Natalie Piri

A BRIC House: Brazil and India’s Solid Relationship – By Vincent Lofaso

Country Brief: Balize – Belize Doubles Down on Tourism – By Alejandra Castillo

Country Brief: Costa Rica – Costa Rica, Mente Pobre – By Austin Downs





Washington Report on the Hemisphere Volume 36 Issue 17


‘¡Q Pena!’ Enrique Peña Nieto’s terrible approval ratings – By Jordan Bazak

Macri, Free Markets, and the Fight Against Economic Inequality – By Philippe de Bonneval

“Latin American Education Inequality – By Austin Downs

Country Brief: Panama – Persistent Crime in Panama – By Melanie Landa

Country Brief: Canada – Canada’s Mohawk Justice – By Debora Iozzi





Washington Report on the Hemisphere Volume 36 Issue 16


Argentina and Great Britain Reach Joint Statements on the South Atlantic – By Vincent Lofaso

TPP Outside of the U.S.: Ratification likely despite grassroots resistance – By Jordan Bazak

Brazil’s Pivot to the North: Foreign Policy under the Temer Administration – By Laura Sholtz

Country Brief: Paraguay – Paraguay & Israel: The Odd Couple – By Peter Miraglia

Country Brief: Guyana – Oil Raises the Stakes – By Laura Sholtz



Washington Report on the Hemisphere Volume 36 Issue 15


After Deputy Minister Killed Bolivia Reins in Mining Cooperatives – By John Gates Sharpe

Breaking the Ice: The Disputed Sovereignty over the Northwest Passage – By Sarah Faithful

Country Brief: Colombia– Colombia’s Peace Plebiscite – By Natalie Piri

Country Brief: Chile – Chilean Domestic Policy – By Malone Gabor




Washington Report on the Hemisphere Volume 36 Issue 14

Despite Economic Despair, New IBM Technology Brings a Success Story to the North of Mexico – By Fabrizio Chollet

The TPP: Proposals and Doubts of a Trade Agreement on the Environment of the Western Hemisphere – By Rafael Perez and Pedro Izquierdo

Ongoing Deportation Raids Result in Resolutions for U.S. Schools, Guide for Instructors – By Laura Iesue

Country Brief: Trinidad and Tobago – Trouble in Trinidad and Tobago: Combatting Human Trafficking – By Sophie-Anne Baril

Country Brief: Brazil – Zika Scaring Away Top Talent – By Jonas Schlotterbeck


Washington Report on the Hemisphere Volume 36 Issue 13

The Ongoing Human Trafficking and Farm Labor Crisis – By Laura Iesue

Brexit and the Malvinas – By Evan Fagan

The Entangling and Thickening Plot: U.S. Involvment in Honduras – By Alejandro Antonio Oliva

Country Brief: The Bahamas – Bahamas: A Word of Warning – By Zachary Cohen

Country Brief: Ecuador – Blessing or Curse? More Oil Discovered in the Yasuní-ITT Region in Ecuador – By Jennalee Beazley




Washington Report on the Hemisphere Volume 36 Issue 12

Brazil’s Lowered Standards in Internet Freedom – By Desirée Mota and Raphael Mariani

Cuban “Refugees” vs. Central American “Immigrants”: Who Decides? – By Liliana Muscarella

While Internationally Praised, Mexican Reform Leaves Much to be Desired –By Fabrizio Chollet

Country Brief: Bolivia – Climate Change in Bolivia and the Uru-Murato at the Danger of Extinction – By Jion Yi

Country Brief: El Salvador – The Two Faces of El Salvador’s Recent Homocide Decrease – By Pedro Izquierdo


Washington Report on the Hemisphere Volume 36 Issue 11

Regularization of Migration in Panama: a Good Idea with Questionable Intentions –By Zachary Cohen

GIEI’s Contribution to the Ayotzinapa Case – By Pedro Izquierdo

Hezbollah in Latin America: Should we Worried? – By Julian Palmer

Country Brief: Honduras – “Justice for  Berta Cáceres”: Yet Another Murder Proves that Death and Impunity Prevail – By Emma Tyrou

Country Brief: Mexico – A New Chapter in Judicial Proceedings – By Maria Fabrizio




Washington Report on the Hemisphere Volume 36 Issue 10