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WRH Volume 37 Issue 14

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In our latest issue you will find the following analyses:

Research Articles

The Belize-Guatemala Border: History and Dispute – By Paxton Duff 

In Guatemala, peaceful demonstrations and political accountability have significantly progressed since the United Nations’ implementation of the International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG) in 2007. With Ex-President Otto Pérez Molina and ex-Vice President Roxana Baldetti facing serious corruption charges, the era of political impunity is waning. Research Associate Paxton Duff examines the past, present, and future of political accountability in Guatemala, and the institutions that are driving positive changes.


Labor & Tax Reform in Costa Rican ’18 Election – By Madeline Asta

Costa Rica’s large fiscal deficit has attracted international attention from the OECD and IMF. As President Solis struggles to pass tax reforms, Costa Rica gears up for 2018 presidential elections. Candidates are split on methods to address the fiscal deficit, and voters are undecided on which candidate to vote for. Research Associate Madeline Asta examines Solis’s tax reform bill and what it will mean in the upcoming election and for Costa Ricans’ futures.


Odebrecht Scandal Threatens Peruvian Infrastructure – By Liam Timmons

Peru is the latest South American country to be hit by the Odebrecht corruption scandal after a number of prominent political figures have found themselves under corruption and bribery accusations. Due to the great infrastructure investment the Brazilian company has undergone in the country Peru now faces a grim prospect as a number of projects have been halted as investigations continue. Research Associate Liam Timmons examines the ramifications of the scandal on the economic prospects of Peru.

Country Briefs

Country Brief: Uruguay – Banks in Uruguay Say Nope to Dope – By Jack Pannell

Uruguay passed legislation legalizing marijuana in 2013 and in July, pharmacies began selling the plant for the first time. Unfortunately most banks in the country have now informed all vendors of the drug that they must stop selling, or close their accounts. Research Associate Jack Pannell looks at the impacts of this decision on Uruguay’s sovereign laws and possible solutions the government can pursue.


Country Brief: Northern Triangle – IDB Pledges Aid to Northern Triangle – By Liam Timmons 

Research Associate Liam Timmons analyzes the efforts by the IDB to further improve the infrastructure development in an area which has seen a significant improvement in recent years. The Northern Triangle, composed by El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, are only part on a broad regional effort to strengthen the regional economy that has also focused on an effort to improve public safety, access to the criminal justice system, strengthen institutions and enhance transparency, amongst other key areas.

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