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WRH Volume 37 Issue 17

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Research Article: The Balance of Power in Latin America in the 21st Century – By Maria Alejandra Silva

In her piece titled “The Balance of Power in Latin America in the 21st Century” Maria Alejandra Silva Ortega discusses the emerging dynamics of power in Latin America considering the declining influence of the United States, the growing influence of China, and the emergence of regional powers.

Country Brief: Mexico – AMLO, MORENA, and the 2018 Mexican Elections – By Arianna La Marca

Current Mexican presidential candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador has twice come within an inch of the presidency. Will the third time be the charm? Research Associate Arianna La Marca details AMLO’s platform and proposed policies, as described during the candidate’s recent trip to Washington.

Country Brief: Honduras – Candidate Profile for November Elections – By Gavin Allman 

The upcoming November election in Honduras will surely be a pivotal one, as current president Juan Orlando Hernandez aspires to become the first two-term president since the current constitution was written in 1982. A 2015 constitutional reform from the Supreme Electoral Court legalized presidential reelection, but opposition to Hernandez’ campaign is strong. A coalition of centrist and leftist parties has formed to denounce the “dictatorship” that they claim is developing in the country’s executive branch, and the 2017 election will be keenly observed by the international community.

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