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WRH Volume 37 Issue 18

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In our latest issue you will find the following analyses:

Research Articles

“Industrialized” Methamphetamine Production in Mexico – By Jack Memolo 

For the last decade, the axis of methamphetamine production has continued to shift from the United States into Mexico. Along with this shift, Mexican cartels have drastically increased their organizational capabilities in producing methamphetamine, most notably in their importation of key ingredients from China and India. In response, law enforcement has continued to use a strategy of containment in dealing with the meth problem, yet the epidemic has only escalated. Research Associate Jack Memolo explores the history of Methamphatime production, and its implications going forward.

Capitalism vs Climate in Chile – By Kristina Duran 

This piece looks at the constant battle between the capitalist economy and the environmental policies implemented by the government in Chile. The current socialist president Michelle Bachelet has favored increased environmentally sustainable efforts over opportunities to grow the economy through foreign direct investment. Research Associate Kristina Duran analyzes how it is very likely conservative Sebastian Piñera will win and decide to jump start the economy through increased mining projects which are devastating to the environment.

Country Briefs

Country Brief: Chile – Upcoming Elections in Chile – By Kristina Duran 

On November 19, Chile will hold general elections to decide the nation’s next president. The leading candidates are conservative former president, Sebastian Piñera and center-left coalition member Alejandro Guillier. Since it is unlikely that one of these candidates will consolidate the majority of the vote, a run off is scheduled for December 17th.

Country Brief: El Salvador – Homicides Surge in September – By Gavin Allman 

With 435 homicides, September was El Salvador’s most violent month of 2017. Research Associate Gavin Allman analyzes how this rash of killings reflects gang reactions to President Salvador Sanchez Ceren’s heavy-handed militarization of police forces in recent months, and brings into question whether El Salvador should diverge from its historical strategy of combatting homicide with repression.

Country Brief: Paraguay – A Rising Guerrilla Movement in the Northern Plains – By Bjorn T. Kjelstad 

Paraguay is currently witnessing a growth in insecurity specifically in the northern plains region brought on by the Ejército del Pueblo Paraguayo (EPP). The organization was founded on the principles of Marxism-Leninism and seeks to overthrow the Paraguayan government to set up a socialist state. The Paraguayan government’s decision, thus far, to implement a myopic strategy of militarization without providing for badly needed government assistance and increased economic opportunities has been thoroughly ineffective and fails to combat the root issue of cyclical poverty and marginalization. Research Associate Bjorn T. Kjelstad gives an update on the security situation in Paraguay.

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