Author: Fred Mills

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Monroeism is the other side of Jim Crow, the side facing South

This Forum of São Paulo of Washington DC marks a significant step forward in building North-South solidarity on behalf of economic and social justice throughout the hemisphere and respect for the sovereign equality of nations…

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Guaidó’s Star Fades as his Envoys to Colombia Allegedly Commit Fraud with Humanitarian Funds for Venezuela

In an investigative report, “Envoys of Guaidó  Appropriate Funds for Humanitarian Assistance in Colombia” (June 14, 2019), Editor in Chief of PanAm Post, Orlando Avendaño, details the alleged “diversion of money, embezzlement of funds, inflation of bills, fraud, and threats [by representatives of self proclaimed president of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó] in order to surround themselves with luxuries.”

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