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Decisive Victory of MAS in Bolivia: A Blow to Anti-Indigenous and Anti-Socialist Coups in the Americas

The decisive electoral victory of the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) in Bolivia may be a point of inflection on the continent that advances the construction of a new South American socialist bloc…

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Contundente victoria del MAS en Bolivia: una bofetada al golpismo anti-indígena y anti-socialista de las Américas

La contundente victoria electoral del Movimiento al Socialismo (MAS) en Bolivia puede ser un punto de inflexión en el continente que lleve a la construcción de un nuevo bloque socialista sudamericano.

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Democracy Hangs in the Balance as Bolivians Head to the Polls in Sunday’s Presidential Election

Is it possible for free and fair elections to be held, whose outcome will effect the balance of forces between US-backed rightwing and more independent left-leaning governments in the region? COHA urges the de facto government and its backers in the OAS to give democracy and peace a chance in Bolivia…

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