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Containment in Their Shanty Towns is not a Solution: Constructive Engagement and not a Face-off between Gangs and New Jamaican Prime Minister is Needed

    • Jamaica should be a paradise not just for tourists, but also for day-to-day citizens trying to live out their lives

    • London’s behavior towards its former colony based on deporting Jamaican criminals back to overcrowded Kingston jails does not do the job

    • How much of the violence in Jamaica is gang-related and how much is politically-motivated?

    • Jamaica does not need “chameleon” politics; it needs leadership

After three months in power, Jamaican Prime Minister Orette Bruce Golding has his work cut out for him regarding national security issues, and the time for action is at hand. The proliferation of gang warfare is a growing cancer on the island, which, combined with corruption, political violence and common crime, creates a deadly pathological social cocktail that inevitably will prevent the nation from achieving its rightful place as a Caribbean leader. If some dramatic anti-crime and corruption program is not implemented in short order, the island’s stature will undoubtedly deteriorate, leaving regional competitor Trinidad-Tobago in a much more favorable status within the Caribbean Community (Caricom) and the local tourist industry suffering from grievous injury. More and more, Jamaica is being alluded to for its punishing problems with crime and not as an island in the sun. The two factors simply cannot coexist.

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