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Revisiting the Falklands (Las Malvinas)

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COHA’s research (which is about to be released) on the current confrontation regarding the Falklands (Las Malvinas) is focused on the sovereignty question and the respective political assets afforded by the strong public relations stand being taken by Argentinean diplomacy and the U.K.’s relatively subdued and almost languorous response.The growing distance between a technologically superior British forces, and the deteriorating, rust bucket military that is Argentina’s today’s armed forces, along with Buenos Aires’ growing diplomatic pull in contrast to London’s relative isolation, become compelling factors that will ultimately modulate the rate of radicalization of the current bi-national dispute and take it back to safe harbor as it gradually fades. One solution explored by COHA would be to declare the entire Falklands region an eco-reserve, similar to the Yasuní-ITT area in Ecuador’s Amazon, and make tourism, and not oil extraction, the area’s principle economic activity.