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Invitation to Join a Food Security Delegation to Venezuela

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The Bolivarian Circle of New York will lead a delegation to Venezuela, August 19th to 28th, 2019, and invites delegates interested in finding out first hand how Venezuelans are coping with US economic sanctions.

As documented in a recent report by CEPR, the sanctions have led to thousands of deaths and increasing collective hardship. Witness how communities are organizing themselves in the face of manufactured food shortages to grow and distribute their own food. Observe participatory democracy by visiting community councils, comunas, cooperatives, and other organized forms of popular power.  Accompany the government-community partnership CLAP program that provides a lifeline of food to six million Venezuelans. See community-run art, media, education, health and nutrition efforts. Visit alternative markets and fairs featuring homemade products, heirloom seeds (semilla campesina) and agroecologically produced foods. Enjoy Venezuela’s parks, historic sites, and other reclaimed public spaces.

The Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle of New York, in partnership with Sustainable Agriculture of Louisville (SAL) and US Food Sovereignty Alliance, invites historians, artists, philosophers, videographers, writers, political analysts,  health professionals, agricultural production experts and other activists to join a delegation to Caracas-Venezuela.

For more information, contact [email protected].

“I learned a great deal from my visit to Venezuela with the Bolivarian Circle of New York. I was able to get a sense of what is happening on the ground among the popular sectors.” Frederick B. Mills, Ph.D., Co-Director of COHA.