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Election Developments in Haiti

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COHA is closely monitoring the repercussions of the recent release of the official results of Haiti’s November 28 presidential election. The U.S. State Department has expressed serious reservations about the election due to widespread irregularities and allegations of fraud. The election also highlights Préval’s declining reputation in the country following his mismanagement of Haiti’s recent crises and raises questions about the neutrality of Colin Granderson, head of the OAS/CARICOM joint electoral observation mission in Haiti. For analysis concerning the outcome of Haiti’s tainted election, contact the COHA Haiti research unit at (202) 223-4975 or at (202) 215-3473 after 5:00 PM and during the weekend. For background on the election, refer to past COHA press releases, particularly “Haiti’s Election Debacle” and “More Grim Days Ahead for Haiti”