Conclusion of the Recruitment of Summer 2011 Internship Class

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The Council on Hemispheric Affairs (COHA) announced the conclusion of the recruitment of its summer 2011 internship class today. Out of the scores of young scholars from around the country and the world who applied to join the organization’s internship program, COHA finalists had to meet a series of rigorous tests. They were chosen in order to carry out far-ranging research projects in the fields of political, economic and trade implications regarding U.S.–Latin America relations as well as those involving U.S.-Latin America and Canadian ties. The 28 successful interns will be known throughout Washington as COHA Research Associates. Among their many tasks, they can look forward to working with COHA Senior Research Fellows who come from academic backgrounds throughout the country, as well as from a diversity of experiences as Latin Americanists. Research associates are responsible for using their research skills and writing experience to frame issues, to follow through on dissecting the political environment in which they are dealing, to develop issues, and analyze conflicts.

A list of the successful 28 finalists and their home institutions are listed here. Incoming interns will be coming to Washington from throughout the U.S., as well as from a number of Latin American and other foreign countries.

One Vacancy Remains

COHA is intentionally keeping one junior research position vacant due to the possibility that at the very last minute some applicant of exceptional promise will surface who may have just become aware of the COHA internship program, and, because of his or her exceptional background, feel that their candidacy would prove to be impossible for COHA to reject. In the past, such a person applied to COHA and was accepted, and then went on to achieve great things. These have included winning two Rhodes Scholarships of the 32 awarded that year throughout the entire U.S.

If you are one of the potential COHA interns who we would like to meet, and who, because of your writing and editing skills and knowledge of Latin America can meet extremely exacting standards, please make COHA aware of your existence.

COHA interns are legendary for their level of productivity, their sophisticated writing and research abilities, their high levels of literacy, their commitment to the region, and their intense devotion to democratic values, and a high degree of social justice and human rights observance. Throughout every nation in the Western Hemisphere, over 1,000 COHA interns have served the organization since its founding in 1975. Their individual efforts while at COHA have left an impressive and unforgettable mark.