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COHA on the U.S. Presidential Election

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Source: Center for American Progress Action Fund

Professor Morris Morley, Senior Research Fellow at the Council on Hemispheric Affairs (COHA) and professor of Latin American Studies at Macquarie University, is a temporary in-house scholar at COHA and can be reached at (202)-223-4975.

COHA also maintains an active United States Electoral Working Group focusing on implications for U.S.-Latin American policy. Media should direct inquiries on today’s presidential elections to [email protected] or (202)-223-4975.

In its research, COHA has developed a working understanding of the future for U.S.-Latin American relations in the event of either a Romney or Obama administration. Among these concerns remain Washington’s frosty relationship with Cuba, of which the COHA Electoral Working Group focuses extensively.

Contact COHA at:

(202) 223-4975 – COHA Offices

(202) 215-3473 – Larry Birns, COHA Director

(202) 333-1959 – Larry Birns, home number


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