COHA in the Public Arena (January 22 – January 27)

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On January 18, COHA Research Associate, Courtney Frantz was interviewed by Paul Wienburg of on the state of security in Haiti.

On January 24, COHA guest scholar Peter Tase was interviewed by Datamine concerning organic sugar exports from Paraguay to the United States and the deforestation problem in Paraguay.

On January 26, COHA Director Larry Birns was interviewed by Oakland Ross of the Toronto Star on Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez.

Article Links

Venezuelan opposition rallies for “The Unit” – January  26 2012
By: COHA Research Associate Jeniree Vasquez
Eurasia Review

México: Basta de maltrato a los aborígenes – January 25, 2012
By: COHA Research Associate Christopher Oshinski