COHA in the Public Arena (October 13th- 18th)

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On Thursday, October 9th, COHA Director Larry Birns, and Senior Research Fellow Frederick Mills were interviewed by Rob Sachs of The Voice of Russia on the effects of poverty and crime in Hugo Chávez’s re-election.

On Sunday, October 14th, COHA Senior Research Fellow W. Alex Sanchez was quoted by Sara Miller Llana of the Christian Science Monitor in 50 Years after Cuba Missile Crisis, US Influence in Hemisphere Waning.

On Friday, October 19th COHA Director Larry Birns spoke with Press TV’s U.S. Desk and was quoted in Walmart slammed as ‘troubling corporate neighbor.

COHA Research Associates Kate Hayden and Trent Boultinghouse were interviewed by Colin Campbell of PressTV regarding US Voting Reforms that Affect Latino and Minority Voters.

Article Citations

Drug Legalization in Latin America: Could It Be the Answer?
By: COHA Research Associate Gene Bolton
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En Ecuador algo cambia, menos la forma de hacer política
By: COHA Research Fellow Olga Imbaquingo