COHA in the Public Arena

COHA in the Public Arena (May 1st-May 13th)

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COHA Research Associate Matthew Lackey was cited in an Associated Press wire story by Freddy Cuevas and Martha Mendoza, “Honduras starts coup investigation without US support.” The article appeared on over sixty news sources’ websites, including The The New York Times, FOX News, CBS News and the Huffington Post.

Monday, May 3rd, COHA Director Larry Birns was quoted by Gulf News regarding Brazilian President Lula’s spending.

Sunday, May 2nd, COHA Director Larry Birns was interviewed on the BBC Worldwide Service regarding Argentine debt.

Article Citations and Links
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“Uruguay Inaugurates Mujica: Life after Vázquez,” by Research Associate Leland Garivaltis.
Global Geopolitics and Political Economy

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“Little Prospects for Truth and almost None for Reconciliation in Honduras,” by Research Associate Matthew Lackey.