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COHA in the Public Arena (July 16-23)

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On July 16, COHA Directory Larry Birns was quoted in The Drug War Chronicle in an article about the impact of Plan Colombia ten years after its inception.

On July 18th, COHA was cited in a column in the Panamanian newspaper La Prensa. The article discussed was by COHA Research Associates Alex Brockwehl and Devin Parsons.

On July 21, COHA Director Larry Birns was quoted in an opinion piece on the Reuters blog The Great Debate. The piece advocated for lifting the U.S. embargo against Cuba.

On July 22, COHA Director Larry Birns was quoted by CNN in an article about Brazil’s newly enacted racial discrimination law.

Also on July 22, COHA Director Larry Birns was featured in an article in El Comercio, an Ecuadorian newspaper. Mr. Birns was interviewed regarding the dismissal of Ambassador Francisco Proaño from the OAS.

COHA Director Larry Birns was also interviewed by Al Jazeera regarding Hugo Chávez’s decision to cut off diplomatic relations between Venezuela and Colombia after the Colombian government claimed that Venezuela was harboring members of FARC.

Article Citations and Links

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