COHA in the Public Arena

COHA in the Public Arena January (3-11)

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On Thursday, January 3Director Larry Birns had been interviewed by Emily Alpert from the Los Angeles Times on the effects lithium will have in Bolivia in the article titled; Bolivia opens first lithium plant on edge of Uyuni salt flats.

Mr. Birns was quoted saying:

“They are talking about having local indigenous companies do it, but they often don’t have the technology,”

“Morales is increasingly interested in seeing that this stuff is mined and sold,” and weighing outside help to do it, Birns said. But Bolivians are willing to hold off on commercializing the prized lithium if they think they’re getting too little for it, he added. “Many Bolivians are willing to not go forward. They feel ‘We’re not really going to benefit from this anyway. We never have,’” he said.

Morales has repeatedly stated that “Bolivia wants partners, not masters.” Foreign companies, in turn, may be leery of Morales and his government, which recently nationalized several subsidiaries owned by a Spanish energy company. Morales has publicly stated that the Bolivian state should get the majority of lithium earnings in any deal, terms that some companies may find unappealing.,0,2879002.story

On Thursday, January 3, Director Larry Birns had been interviewed by Rica Comargo from Voxxi, on the possibility of U.S. Senator Robert Menendez being appointed the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

On Friday, January 4, Director Larry Birns had been interviewed by the BBC World News Service on economic options for the Caribbean.

On Wednesday, January 9, Director Larry Birns had been interviewed by the Jamaica Observer on President Hugo Chavez Inauguration and the future of Venezuela.

On Thursday, January 10 Research Associate John Milesi had been interviewed by Colin Campbell from Press TV about the rising number of children on food stamps in the U.S.

On Friday, January 11, Director Larry Birns had been interviewed by the WBAI Free Speech Radio by Felipe Luciano on President Hugo Chavez Impact on South America and the future of Venezuela.

On Friday, January 11, Senior Research Fellow, Dr. Sean Burges op-ed piece Cancer Stricken Chavez corners sympathy vote, had been published in The Australian. 

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