COHA in the Public Arena

COHA in the Public Arena (December 12-December 16)

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On December  12 , COHA Director Larry Birns was interviewed by Al Jazeera on Manuel Noriega’s extradition back to Panama.
On December 14, COHA Research Associate Zac Deibel was interviewed by Press TV on the rising energy costs affecting Americans.
On December 16, COHA Research Associate Sierra Ramirez was interviewed by APTVS on Bradley Manning’s military trial.

Article Links

How About A Modest Act Of Decency For One Very Flawed Panamanian  Dictator?- December 12, 2011
By: COHA Director Larry Birns
Eurasia Review
El Pueblo Newspaper
Caribbean News Now

Largarde Meets with Rousseff and Mantega as Part of Her Visit to Latin America Negotiate Brazil’s Lending to the IMF- December 8,2011
By: COHA Research Assocaite Gustavo Pulhares
Agora Cosmopolitan 
Scoop News
Phil Jackson Stamps

Ya Basta!- December 5, 2011
By: COHA Guest Scholar Christopher Oshinski
Energy Publisher

Hugo Chávez & The Future Of Venezuela- December 4, 2011
By: COHA Research Fellow Kevin Dickey
Cutting Edge News

The Myth of Privatized Social Security: A Pinochista Relic- December 12, 2011
By: COHA Staff
Insurance News