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COHA Hosts Symbiosis Investimentos CEO, Bruno Mariani

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On August 2, COHA had the pleasure of listening to a seminar presented by Mr. Bruno Mariani, founder and CEO of Symbiosis Investimentos, a Brazilian tree farming company focused on sustainably growing a diverse array of hardwood trees in southern Brazil. The goal of his company is to show that one can strictly follow environmental regulations and still turn a profit. Mariani also provided statistics entailing how his diversified tree farms would help the environment.

For one, wood is seen as an extremely ‘green’, sustainable resource due to the fact that it is produced without emitting greenhouse gases, it is biodegradable, and its unused parts and residues can be transformed into a source of clean energy. Symbiosis farms contain 30 different species of tree, all of which grow quickly in the tropical Brazilian climate. Such diversification also allows for greater biodiversity, which helps the soil, attracts diverse wildlife, and protects the farm from pests that, in a singletree farm, could decimate a population of trees—thereby making investments in Symbiosis less volatile.

The seminar was a great success, providing insight into sustainable, region-specific economic innovation. COHA wishes Mariani luck with the continuation of Symbiosis and we hope he reaches his goal.